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Know Your Transport Options when You Come to Vancouver


If you are coming to Vancouver and do not have a car or a friend who can drive you around the City you have a few options to choose from. The public transport incudes buses that drive along the major roads, the seabus if you would like to travel between Downtown and busy North Vancouver quay, and the skytrain. Skytrain is probably  the most convenient public transportation because it runs quite often and does not depend on the traffic. However, you cannot get to North Vancouver or further East than Lougheed Mall using skytrain. The new skytrain line is being built right now to connect Lougheed Mall and Coquitlam Center in the near future.

Rental cars are available throughout the City but it will probably be the most expensive option. If budget is of an essence car sharing programs are really popular in the City. There are 2 major companies that are currently provide car share rides in the City – car2go and EVO, which is a local company. Make sure you create an account with them before you come. There is a fixed annual fee and the charge is per minute of the use and includes everything from insurance to gasoline. Try to look for promo codes first. Companies make them available quite often and they waive the first year annual fee and give you several minutes of ride for free. You will need to download an app to start using the car sharing services.

Another great alternative to a public transportation is Mobi. This is a bicycle share ride program that works similar to car share. All you have to do is to download the app, sign up, choose your payment plan, and go. There are stations located throughout the City where you can end your trip and do not have to return the bike to the same location. One drawback of these ride sharing programs is the limitation of where you can end your trip. You can take your car/bike and park it anywhere, however, you can end your trip in the municipality of Vancouver only. Some programs do include other select locations. Check them on their websites.

If you do not like the public transportation and do not want to drive yourself you can always catch a taxi. Most of taxi companies have their apps and you can easily order a taxi through the app or catch one on the street.

Try to choose a mode of transportation that will suit your budget and style and let you enjoy the City the most.


BC Government Introduces New Property Transfer Tax

As of August 2nd, 2016, foreign purchasers and entities are now taxed another 15% property transfer tax in addition to the general property transfer tax.

The tax is payable when the title is being transferred (i.e. at the completion). However, it is only applied to specific properties in a specific area.

The additional tax does not apply to trusts that are mutual fund trusts, real estate investment trusts, or specified investment flow-through trusts.


What is a foreign entity

A foreign entity is a party that is neither Canadian permanent resident nor Canadian citizen. If a non resident/non citizen registers a company in British Columbia the additional tax still applies. A party to a transaction is the subject to the document check. British Columbia driver license will not suffice as a sole identity proof anymore.

The tax is attached to the property title. That is why no matter how many Canadians there are on the title the tax is payable on the whole transaction amount if there is at least one foreign entity and everybody is liable separately and collectively for the tax.


Areas affected

Only The Greater Vancouver Regional District (The GVRD) is affected by the new tax. The GVRD includes Anmore, Belcarra, Bowen Island, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley City and Township, Lion’s Bay, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, North Vancouver City and District, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver, White Rock and Electoral Area A.  The additional tax does not apply to properties located on Tsawwassen First Nation lands.


Types of Property Affected

Only residential properties are affected by the new tax. Tax is also applied to any mixed use developments that contain residential units.


If you are unsure whether the tax is applied to yourself and/or your company please get a legal advise. Avoiding the tax is considered to be a criminal offence.

As per Board approximately one in ten purchasers of real estate in the GVRD is a foreign entity. It is expected that the new tax will slow down the market, however, it is hard to tell to what extent.


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Welcome to Vancouver

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In the Greater Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) are twin cities: Абботсфорд (Abbotsford), Алдергров (Aldergrove, Langley), Бернаби ( Burnaby ), Чиливок (Chilliwack), Кловдейл (Cloverdale, Surrey), Коквитлам ( Coquitlam ), Дельта (Delta), Deep Cove (North Vancouver), Fleetwood (Surrey), Ладнер (Ladner, Delta), Ленгли (Langley), Мапл Ридж (Maple Ridge), Мишин (Mission), Нью Вестминстер (New Westminster), Северный Ванкувер (Норз Ванкувер, North Vancouver), Pitt Meadows , Port Coquitlam , Port Moody , Ричмонд (Richmond), Суррей (Surrey), Ванкувер ( Vancouver ), Вайт Рок (White Rock), Западный Ванкувер (Вест Ванкувер, West Vancouver).

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